Support for local people during an unexpected health crisis.


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 The Neighborhood is a non-profit organization that exists because people like you care about what's happening in the lives of those around them. 

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Rae's Story

In July of 2021 Rae became very ill. After several appointments and tests, she was diagnosed with, Renal Cell Carcinoma Cancer, a very rare form of cancer that spreads very quickly.


“There were many questions about what the future would hold along with some very difficult family conversations,” Rae shared. “My kids were so scared!”


A single mom of three young, beautiful children, Rae has so much to look forward to! Although, she quickly learned that cancer has a way of taking people down roads they never planned on traveling.


Thankfully, Rae is a fighter! She’s been battling the cancer from the beginning, Rae has endured kidney surgery and is still battling today, mentally, emotionally and physically.


“The doctors are saying positive things, but you just never know with this type of rare cancer,” Rae said. “My children and I are just praying for the best possible outcome.”

It was very difficult for Rae to even share this small piece of her story.  She is a very private person and doesn’t ask for help. “I’m stubborn that way,” she commented. Rae is not looking to be treated any differently.


When we shared that people are genuinely willing to help, she said, “I am in awe and I don’t know what to say but, thank-you!”


Let’s join together and help Rae and her family through this unexpected life crisis.


Why we do what we do.

Update on

About a year ago our family reached out to you for prayers for Naomi. You went above and beyond with fund-raising bracelets and donations through your golf tournament. At this moment she is cancer free! She has one more check up but Naomi has pulled through!! We are so grateful for the support and prayers of The Neighborhood! Thank-you for all you have done for Naomi and our family.