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Benton was recently
diagnosed with
frontal lobe epilepsy.
He remains hospitalized until he is able to go 24 hours without a seizure.

March 2022 from Benton's Parents:


Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball when you least expect it and our family unit can certainly attest to that this past week. Nearly two weeks ago, Benton started acting a little off telling us something wasn't right with our Benny Bear. Last Wednesday we made the drive to Children's Hospital where he was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy.


This type of seizure can presents

so differently from what most

people think seizures look like.

Just Friday evening Benton was

experiencing multiple flurries of

cluster seizures, a total of fifteen

seizures presenting in as little as

thirty minutes. It's heart wrenching

to watch your child suffer and all

you can do is hold their little hand.

In order to even discuss going

home, we need to go at least

24 hours seizure free AND find the

correct "recipe" of medications

that reduce seizure frequency

while having little side effects.


We have a lot of uncertainty right

now. We could really use a miracle.  

Thank you everyone for the out

pouring of love and support for our

family at this time.


We have unexplainable peace while being held in the arms of our Father. 

Much love, The Giedd Fam


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