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Each day brings promise and hope that Ollie can begin to experience life outside of his hospital room.  Sara is looking forward to walks and stroller rides on the hospital floor and eventually getting some approved trips outside. 

Once home, Oliver’s condition will require an in-home nurse to assist with his daily care. 



From Oliver's Gramma Chrystal:

Oliver (Ollie) was born on January 6, 2021 to Sara and Tony. Sara’s dad Warren and step-mother, Chrystal, are residents of Eau Claire, WI and are Ollie’s proud grandpa and grandma.  Prior to Ollie’s birth, Sara and Tony were informed that he would likely be born with health complications and were advised to seek medical services in Seattle.  Days after his birth, a team of specialists diagnosed Ollie with a rare disorder known as Campomelic Dysplasia.  Most babies with this condition don’t live past infancy.  Sara and Tony’s doctors prepared them for the worst but Ollie has already beaten a lot of odds!


Ollie was born with a small chest cavity which restricts his lungs.  His upper airway is underdeveloped and he has a small hole in his soft palate which makes breathing difficult.  Ollie underwent surgery to have a tracheostomy tube placed into his windpipe which allows air to enter his lungs and helps him breathe easier.  In addition to his respiratory issues, Ollie was also born with bowed legs, clubfeet, underdeveloped shoulder blades as well as a small jaw and chin.  There will be many more surgeries that will take place in the years to come to correct these issues.  Despite all of Ollie’s medical challenges, Sara and Tony remain remarkably optimistic!


In the meantime, with the help of hospital staff, Sara and Tony are training to become “certified caregivers” so that they can continue Ollie’s trach care at home. 

On behalf of Sara and Tony, we want to extend a message of gratitude to The Neighborhood for the opportunity to share Oliver’s story and to those who find it in their hearts to help.  We ask that you pray for Ollie as he continues his medical journey and for Sara and Tony for strength, courage and guidance.  



WArren, sara & Ollie

chrystal, warren,
& ollie

is 5 years old. She was diagnosed with cancer on Jan 20th. She will undergo a 15 month treatment plan with surgery involved.



From Naomi's mother:

I suppose some of you have wondered if we’re being real with you or not…how can we possibly be so hopeful in the face of such grim circumstances? While it IS true that we are filled with hope knowing that our lives here on earth are but a vapor compared to eternity, I will be the first to admit that there are still things that I am grieving about... these are the “cares that I am giving to the Lord.”

  • Naomi’s going to lose her hair.

  • I have to give her shots several times a month during the treatment. 

  • I don’t get to be with all my kids all the time.

  • Naomi can’t be a kid in the same way she used to be.

  • She won’t be able to swim this summer. 

  • Most days of the month she will be in a hospital or doctor’s office.

  • No fresh cut flowers are allowed in our home. (Chemo significantly lowers Naomi’s immune system and the bugs/fungal spores/bacteria present could cause infection for her.)

  • Our whole family will have a new normal. Adjusting will probably be hard at times.

This list is not exhaustive, just some things I have on my mind at the moment. A lot of times you hear the phrase, “Follow your heart.” instead, I would like to Lead my heart...especially in these trials.   


1 Peter 5:7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”


Naomi is super fun, she has a bright spirit, and loves writing notes to people.

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