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Beverly Mirkin (31) was diagnosed with bladder cancer in September 2020. She and her husband, Scott, along with their 4 children remain positive through this difficult time. Beverly continues making trips to Rochester for chemo and radiation, plus experiential treatments that her doctors have recommended. Some very difficult news arrived last month when doctors shared that the cancer has spread to her brain and even her heart. Surgery is no longer an option. Beverly may have only 3 months to live.


Scott has been incredible as her caregiver and Beverly’s children continue to be so understanding and helpful throughout this ongoing family crisis. Their kids are home schooling to reduce the chance of introducing outside illnesses. Beverly is a very private person, but did share that she experiencing a lot of pain and by late afternoon each day, she is simply exhausted. Beverly remains hopeful and cherishes every day with her family.   


Our hope is to give Beverly, Scott and their children the best Christmas possible.


Some donation options are:


  1. Financial donations (to help with treatments, medications and other expenses)

  2. Gift Cards for travel (fuel) expenses

  3. Gift Cards for groceries

  4. Gifts ideas for their 3 girls:

    1. 11 yr. old, clothing size 12 girls or women’s XSmall – real makeup, makeup bag

    2. 10 yr. old, clothing size 10 girls, a tablet

    3. 8 yr. old, clothing size 8 girls, LoL Dolls

    4. All the girls like making their own jewelry and hair accessories

    5. All girls: Any clothing items; shirts, tops, pants, sweaters, jackets, coats etc.

  5. Gift ideas for their boy: 15 years old

  6. Medium/Large shirts and pants also sweaters or jackets

  7. PS4 games

  8. Steam gift cards for gaming

  9. Donations from individuals and businesses are welcome

  10. Please feel free to share a word of encouragement, support or a prayer​

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Simply click the DONATE button. 


Presents for the children can be dropped at:


Kahvi Coffee

3830 Talmadge Rd in Eau Claire, WI

Student Transit

3339 Fehr Rd in Eau Claire, WI