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About The Neighborhood


Neal & Lana Bennett, Founders

Neal and Lana Bennett have a passion for helping people. They founded The
Neighborhood, a 501c3 non-profit, in 2018 with the purpose of supporting local needs.

Donations to The Neighborhood support hard working people, in our local
neighborhoods, who have been blindsided by an unforeseen life difficulty. Your gift will go directly to the person/family in need helping “bridge the gap” and get them back on track. When you give, your donations provide much more than just financial support. Your gifting also ensures that educational, spiritual and emotional needs are met for the overall well-being of each recipient.

Business gifting options:
1. You can choose one-time donations, monthly or annual donations.
2. You can choose to direct your funds to a specific type of local need.
3. You are assured that all gifting remains local.
4. You can choose to donate via check or you can give through our website using credit card or PayPal.
5. You can also choose to meet with The Neighborhood and give in person.

Individual gifting options:
1. You can donate confidently, knowing “the current need” recipients will receive what you give.
2. You are assured that all gifting remains local.
3. You can donate weekly, monthly or annually to our general needs fund.
4. You can give on-line using a check card, credit card or PayPal. You can also gift by check.

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