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house painting - During one of our recent trips to the Solbergs home, we noticed the exterior of their house needed to be painted.  A couple small areas had been started, but it looked like a very big project. We immediately felt the need to help get this completed. 

1. On Monday the 22nd we had the house professionally power-washed. 

2. We purchased the paint with Sherwin Williams agreeing to donate half! 

3. It would require several supplies, ladders, paint sprayer, and a very large lift to reach some "highly" difficult places. 

4. With everything ready, we had 9 volunteers show up on Saturday 26th as we painted the entire exterior - completely transforming the look of the house in 7 hours! 

5. Josh and Libbi were astounded and at a loss for words. 


It was such a pleasure completing this project for them. If you would like to be part of this painting project, please give by pressing the Donate button and leave a note stating "house painting."  

roofing - During the house painting we noticed two areas of roofing where the shingles had more than served their purpose: 

1. We purchased all the supplies and have already replaced the roof on the front porch overhang. 

2. We still need to complete the roof over the side extension of the house. 

3. All roofing labor has been donated, but we still need your help. 

4. If you can give toward the roofing material expenses, please use the Donate Button and leave a note stating "roofing project" 

Thank you in advance for being such a blessing to Josh and Libbi! 

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