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Josh Solberg is a young man in a serious battle for his life. Doctors have recently diagnosed Josh with liver cancer. He has been referred to Oncology to figure out a course of action.


His wife Libbi, along with their two children, are doing all they can as a family to support one another. While they are people of strong faith, many human questions remain. 


If you are visiting this site we know you have a heart to help. Please click the donate button and follow the simple instructions. 100% of your donation will to directly to the Solbergs (all fees associated with processing payments through PayPal are being covered by Occupational Chaplains of America).​​​​​​

“Thank you” seems such a trite expression, and wholly inadequate to express the emotion we feel.  We are humbled and abundantly thankful for each gift that has been made on our behalf.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Thank you!

Josh & Libbi, Olivia & Koleton


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